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Looking for a Reputable Mystery Shopping Company?

When choosing a Mystery Shopping Company for your business, look past the promises and discover the true value the organization and their services will offer your company.

Does the mystery shopping company have a successful track record?

You should be looking for a mystery shopping provider that has experience and relationships with different industries and organizations types. It’s helpful to review current clients and past clients to ensure they will be able to accommodate your company’s needs.

During your search for a reputable mystery shopping company, request confirmation of the executive team’s commitment and involvement in day-to-day operations. Ensuring the A-Team or Owner is tapped in to the status and progress of your program should build your confidence in their commitment to your satisfaction.

Will the Mystery Shopping Company Offer a ROI?

How does the company plan to offer a return on your company’s investment? Measuring compliance to trained best practices can provide a client with a birds-eye view of their training success. It’s helpful to know what goals need to be met and how your mystery shopping company will be able to track them.

Companies offering savvy reporting platforms that provide reports displaying how a behavior impacts an overall shop score, as well as the customer’s perception, will be valuable to your growth. Analyzing the intelligence gleaned from mystery shopping experiences also supports the understanding of the value the program has to a client’s bottom line.

Is the Mystery Shopping Company Assessing Shopper Performance?

Reputable mystery shopping companies have a measurement systems in place to evaluate shopper performance and provide results. Each client provides parameters for mystery shopping companies as they select contractors to evaluate their team’s performance. It is in the interest of the client for mystery shopping companies to measure each contractor’s ability to observe, record, and follow the client’s specific requests for project execution. If the mystery shopping company ranks shoppers on specific attributes the selection process is targeted, realistic, and provides actionable items for improvement.